Information about Meals

      We serve meals and snacks that meet all nutritional guidelines. You may continue to pack a lunch for your child, but I strongly urge you to pack a healthy and nutritious lunch. If you have packed a lunch for your child, you are responsible for putting your child’s lunch box in the refrigerator in the kitchen each morning and adding your child’s name to the “Who’s packing today?” white board. If your child’s name is not written on the white board for that day, your child will receive a DBELC lunch.  Packing lunch will not affect your tuition rate.

     The children are very excited about the meals. The preschoolers and pre-kindergarteners are served family style, meaning they dish their food out themselves and even get to pour their own milk!   We are learning to practice table manner and using our utensils. We are learning about new and different foods and comparing the foods we’ve tasted. We are learning to clean up after ourselves and to help our friends do the same.  


Sample Menu

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